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M.H., daughter

Soon after my mother suffered a massive stroke in 2005, Anita Baker became the primary care manager for my mother as well as my personal sanity check. She and her colleagues were with me every step of the way in monitoring my mother’s care and in guiding me in my decision-making.

During our frequent meetings, Anita gave advice and educated me about what was happening with my mother. Her day-to-day advice was helpful and very calming; however, it was the advice during the crisis situations where Anita and her colleagues really proved their worth. Thanks to them, I knew that my mother received the best possible care as long as she lived.

I recommend Anita Baker without reservation in any and all facets of eldercare. She is an excellent, professional caregiver herself. She is knowledgeable and able to advise on what actions to take or not, and she is capable of dealing with caregivers and healthcare facilities and their personnel to ensure that her client is receiving the highest level of care.