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Care Management Assessment

To establish a foundation for short and long-term goals, we conduct a comprehensive assessment with you and your family to understand your needs and the needs of your loved one. We identify areas of immediate concern, discuss short and long-term solutions, and provide verbal and written recommendations to address immediate and ongoing needs. The recommendations may include housing options; home care services; available counseling and support services.

AGB and Associates does not provide medical diagnoses, legal advice or financial advice, but we may make suggestions about obtaining medical, legal, or financial services, including powers of attorney and guardianship.

The assessment will include one or more visits with the client and family and a written report with recommendations.


Care Management

Our overall role is as an advocate for the client to ensure quality care, and we believe strongly that clear, consistent communication between the client and family as well as all health care providers is essential to achieving that goal.

Upon completion of the initial assessment and development of a plan of action, we assist in arranging for services tailored to the needs of the client and family, and we monitor those services to ensure that they are being provided as intended. This includes regular assessments of the level of services, and if appropriate, recommended changes to the level of services or the service provider.

We also visit the client periodically to monitor the quality of care, whether at home or in a health care facility, and we frequently attend doctor’s visits with the client to make sure that the client and the physician understand all relevant information.

Clear communication of information gathered from these interactions with the client and family, and among all health care providers is an essential element of ensuring quality care.