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RJ, son

I became familiar with Anita Baker and AGB and Associates when we needed to make decisions regarding our father (who was suffering from Alzheimer’s) after my stepmother passed away.  He was in a retirement home and even though we had family around we needed help in which direction to go with his care.  Anita was referred to us and she was truly a Godsend.  With her calm, caring nature she walked with us through every step the last year of his life as we made decisions regarding his care, facilities, sitters, treatment, medication, strategies, etc.  There were many times we didn’t know what to do and we would look at each other and say “Call Anita.”

I have had the pleasure of referring some families to Anita who have told me how thankful they are for her and how she is helping through some very difficult times with ailing family members.  As I said, she was very helpful for us who have family members close by but she is particularly helpful for those who don’t have family members close by to the member in need.