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LLY, client

When my brother and I relocated from Ohio to Myrtle Beach to live without snow and rejuvenate the next part of our lives, we left behind our family and friends. As exciting as this change was, a major concern for me was health care planning. Who would speak for me in the event of a catastrophe? Who would be at my side through sickness or accident rehabilitation? My brother is deaf, and although he communicates very well person-to-person, phone calls are not possible, so how could medical personnel communicate with him in case of emergency?

Fortunately, AGB and Associates provided the answers to my concerns. Although I am not at the geriatric stage of life, I need someone to help me maneuver through the difficult road of medical communication, and be authorized as my HIPPA contact to share information from my doctors with my brother and relatives who don’t live nearby. As a Life Care client of AGB and Associates, Anita Baker has become my partner on this journey, ensuring that these concerns can be addressed and necessary communications can be completed.